Incarnational phenomenology

Incarnational phenomenology is the study of essence; essence of God, of man, of physics and of any subject, but it puts the essence back into its existence. This is due to the facticity of the incarnational character of God that the transcendent God must appear in the immanent existence, or otherwise cannot be revealed at all; thus the very essence of the created world is referring and expressing the divine origin through its embodied existence.

Incarnational phenomenology thus suspends the assertions arising out of the rationalistic reflex. It suspends them because of honoring the facticity that Word is always ‘already (t)here’ before all things; that the world is always already (t)here before theoretical reflection begins – as the inalienable presence and the holistic/dynamic background of meaning of our lived experience. As such, incarnational phenomenology does not expect to arrive to an understanding of God – or any subject – from a disengaged and rationalistic starting point other than that of faithful engagement with the subject(s) in the Wor(l)d.

Incarnational engagement or experience cannot be reduced to mere bodily sensory qualities, but whole person. It is the whole person as an integral unity of body and soul, trothfully engages subject(s) in the Wor(l)d.

Incarnational phenomenology is thus concentrated to redeem such engagement so that a truthful response can begin; so that we can endow the subject with a faithful (theoretical) status; and claim it as revealed.


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